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The latest version of Royal Chartered Travel

The latest version of Royal Chartered Travel

  • size: 39.40MB
  • platform: android
  • Version: 7.0.0
  • type: Travel
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-08-03 15:05:46


Royal chartered car travel with 100,000+ contemporary Chinese around the world to take you around the world. Royal Chartered Car Travel The local service is one-price all-inclusive accompanied by the whole journey, giving you the best travel experience. There is no need to worry about the language barrier being unable to settle in with the low-cost Chinese pick-up and drop-off of the royal chartered car travel. The royal chartered car travel meets all the needs of users. Interested users come to Qiuzhi.com to download and experience it!

Introduction of Royal Chartered Travel App

It is an outbound tourism artifact created by Shanghai Qiwo Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Functionally, the software provides users with one-stop outbound travel services, such as Chinese pick-up and drop-off, daily charter tours, line charter tours, barrier-free communication, 7*24-hour customer service guarantee, 100% price transparency, etc. These are very practical. Services are available. The software design on the interface is still very refreshing, giving people a clean and neat feeling, without a trace of redundant and useless services, and most of the information presentation is presented to users in the form of mixed images and texts. The problem of reducing the information acquisition rate caused by looking at the problem for a long time.

Software Features Introduction

1. Record and appreciate exotic customs, experience different cultures, and cherish every bit of the journey. It can be recorded offline and synchronized online.

2. Add location tags to camera photos through track tracking, so that you will not forget where the photos were taken.

3. Automatically generate wonderful travel notes that can be played back with animation, and can synchronize with Sina Weibo.

4. Search for your favorite travel destination and browse the latest and most authentic local experiences.

Software Highlights Introduction

1. Good-looking and practical: All kinds of users use bread to record interesting travel stories around the world. You may only see travel experiences that you have never had before. By the way, they are all originals from bread users.

2. Track tracking: After enabling the track tracking function, your travel route and geographic location information will be recorded in detail in your bread travel itinerary. The beautiful scenery on the road and the feeling of the journey will be preserved in the original and accurate way.

3. Travel products: a large collection of selected popular travel products, one-stop fast booking from air tickets to hotels, so that you can leave when you want to travel.

4. Offline reading: "I once had a super practical and fun travel note in front of me, I didn't cherish it, and I regretted it later when I wanted to know where to eat and play at the destination." When this happens! I just want to say to you: please turn on the "offline download of travel notes", read offline anytime, anywhere, get it, thank you!

5. Travel socialization: Learn from travel experts who have traveled all over 7 continents, travel with Ta who is both an executive of a Fortune 500 company and a travel expert, make precise appointments, and travel wonderfully!

6. Experts lead the team; the original travel mode is launched in limited quantities every month, bringing together tall and sophisticated people from all walks of life to travel together, not only for vacation enjoyment, but also for network explosions

Software function introduction

1. Chinese airport pick-up and drop-off: Covering 300+ international airports around the world, providing Chinese pick-up/drop-off service from the airport to any destination or from any destination to the airport, free waiting for 90 minutes, and can assist in hotel check-in and airport tax refund services.

2. Single pick-up: Provide Chinese pick-up service from any starting point to any destination.

3. Daily chartered tours: Half-day, full-day or multi-day chartered tours can be booked. The Chinese-speaking guide will accompany you throughout the journey, and the travel time and route can be adjusted at any time; the Chinese-speaking guide can assist in booking tickets for local hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

4. Route chartered tours: Thousands of classic routes, including local popular attractions, authentic gameplay and in-depth experience projects, senior driver guides provide professional Chinese explanations and butler-style services.

5. Selecting the driver and guide: 5 criteria to select high-quality drivers and guides to ensure your travel safety and provide a five-star butler-style intimate experience.

6. Barrier-free communication: All the drivers and guides are in Chinese, which is convenient for you to understand the local customs and customs in an all-round way and multiply the fun of your journey.

7. 7*24-hour customer service guarantee: The customer service team is open 7*24 hours a day. You can contact online customer service, telephone or WeChat to solve problems immediately.

8. 100% price transparency: The system automatically calculates the order price, clearly shows the actual price, and refuses hidden consumption, making you more at ease.

9. Variety of models: Provide you with 5-12 seats, economical, comfortable and luxurious high-quality vehicles of different levels to meet the needs of different groups of people.

10. Payment security: Use WeChat, Alipay, credit card and other payment methods to save the tedious process of currency exchange and exchange rate calculation.

11. Advance compensation: Tracking and quality inspection of all services in the itinerary. Once any user complaint is verified, corresponding compensation will be given.

12. Insurance escort: Free overseas travel accident insurance is provided for the first day of the order for airport pick-up service/chartered car tour service users, and you will be worry-free all the way.

How to use the software

1. Download and install the Royal Chartered Travel APP on your phone

2. Open the software, in the login interface, register an account and log in

3. On the main page of the software, you can browse the APP to provide users with service functions

4. Click the Find Locals button to find local Chinese online

5. Click the daily charter button, and the user will be billed for chartered travel by day

6. Click the shuttle button, you can make an appointment for delivery and service in advance

7. On the viewing page of popular attractions, you can buy tickets for attractions not online


Royal chartered car travel app v8.8.3 Android version (2020-8-3)

1. Fix known bugs and optimize experience


  • The latest version of Royal Chartered Travel
  • The latest version of Royal Chartered Travel
  • The latest version of Royal Chartered Travel
  • The latest version of Royal Chartered Travel