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You must know

You must know

  • size: 7.64MB
  • platform: android
  • Version: 4.2.3
  • type: Travel
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-06-01 09:26:28


Youbizhi app is an online travel service platform specially created for users who need to travel or who like to travel. Users can book tickets for various attractions, buy tickets, etc. on it. The platform also needs many travel enthusiasts to share here. Your own travel experience, you can make your own travel strategy based on their recommendations.

Youbizhi app software features

1. Itinerary is easily customized

Too dirty with a tour group? Too tired to do travel strategies? Want a personalized travel itinerary that suits you? Want to easily generate an itinerary with just one click? Use "You Must Know" to plan travel itineraries, making itinerary planning more rigorous and intelligent recommendation more efficient It saves a lot of mechanization of searching, copying and pasting. You can freely customize your own private itinerary, or you can refer to the special itineraries of the travel experts to make your travel planning easier and simpler.

2. Record the vlog of the journey

It may be beautiful, it may be wonderful, since words and pictures can not satisfy you who are willing to share, then take pictures of the beautiful scenery and interesting things on the journey, and share this happiness with the travel lovers of "you must know". At the same time, we can also discover more interesting travelers, meet friends who can play; discover more beauty, which is pleasing to the eye; discover the unknown world, and know the world without leaving home.

3. Share every travel moment

Maybe I'm fascinated, maybe I'm looking forward to it, maybe it's spring breeze, maybe it's sad for the spring, maybe it's happy, maybe it's still unfinished. Share your mood changes, travel experiences, and beautiful moments on "You Bizhi". Love life and feel the beauty of every day and every moment. Do what you like, spend every moment in the state you like, and life will be presented in the way you like. This moment is the most important moment in our lives.


Youbizhi app features

1. You can check the local characteristics, scenic spots and ticket prices of various cities that you need to know when traveling online.

2. Mobile phone viewing is more convenient. I have recommended various attractions for you with detailed descriptions.

3. Ability to structure your journey and share all kinds of interesting things that happened during the journey, which can be recorded and shared with others.


Youbizhi app software advantages

1. When you see an attraction you want to visit, you can also collect it in your phone to search for related travel strategies.

2. New itinerary plans and customized high-quality travel experiences are available online.

3. You can also view travel trends in different places and display them in the form of short videos and live videos.


Youbizhi app highlights

1. What if you have no travel plans or goals for the time being?

2. Come to this platform to make your own personal travel plan.

3. Go out for a walk and provide you with a complete travel plan preparation.


Youbizhi app software introduction

Youbizhi app is a travel travel social service software that focuses on online booking of private attractions. It creates a new and different travel mode, making your travel full of surprises and expectations, and you can also use short videos to record your beautiful journey. Youbizhi app is a travel social app that focuses on private attractions. We want to work with you to review travel gurus' hidden spots, discover new and exciting places, and then easily customize your itinerary. Go now! Use short videos to record interesting things on the road and share every happy travel moment with you.


Youbizhi app editor review

A software to make your travel more worry-free!


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