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Same trip

Same trip

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Tongcheng Travel app is a cross-travel service application software. Where to go during the National Day holiday? Afraid of crowds? Afraid of queuing in scenic spots? Tongcheng travel software can help you with one click. Set your departure city and arrival city, automatically help you plan the best trip, and intelligently grab tickets to help you get rid of the embarrassment of no tickets for National Day.

Software Highlights Introduction
Co-trip professional customization.

Free itinerary, private guide, price transparency, the ultimate experience.

meeting plan.

Process management, visual design, on-site construction, on-site execution.

mutual visits.

Professional training high-end forums, academic exchanges, industry seminars.

Incentive Travel.

Project design team building activities for planning contingency plans.

Exhibition Services.

Booth setting exhibits, transportation, life, reception, translation services.

Software function introduction
1. Train tickets: support online ticket grabbing, online seat selection; fast invoicing, support mailing; more diversified services, red envelope discounts!

2. Hotels: Support the booking of more than one million hotels at home and abroad; receive large gift packages, enjoy preferential low prices, and exchange exclusive rights.

3. Air tickets: Air tickets are cheap around the world, and you can fly with confidence! There are special air tickets every day, with a minimum discount of 10%; fast booking of round-trip air tickets, online check-in, exclusive mobile phone discounts, and online refund applications are supported.

4. Scenic spot tickets: Preferential reservations for a large number of scenic spots across the country, fast ticket issuance, support scanning code to enter the park, no need to queue. 50% off tickets!

5. Bus tickets: It provides bus ticket inquiry and reservation in more than 150 cities in China. Online booking is more convenient, and there are preferential activities in some areas.

6. Same-trip travel car: Get on the four-layer guarantee service upgrade with peace of mind, including a variety of options for pick-up and drop-off, shuttle trains, city taxis and self-driving car rentals to meet various travel needs! One-click call, car use is more economical and more affordable Faster and more assured!

7. Surrounding tour: spike, cash back, red envelopes up and down, play around, there is always something you love. The perfect weekend strategy will take you to high places to play.

8. Domestic long-term travel: domestic travel routes, there are surprises every week, including parent-child tours, mother-in-law tours, cultural tours, youth tours, graduation tours, etc., individual tours, and trips to China.

9. Outbound tours and cruise tours: Group tour bookings and semi-self-guided tour bookings for popular destinations around the world; bookings from world-renowned cruise companies such as Royal Caribbean, Costa, Star, and cruise charter flights for the same journey.

10. Travel strategy: boutique strategy and travel notes of popular tourist destinations at home and abroad, created by Tongcheng senior travel editor, nearly 100 well-known travel writers, and millions of "hikers". Travel perception, destination play, money saving tips, spending trap tips are all under control.

11. Eat, drink and play: Provide local entertainment attractions, food, transportation, theme play recommendations in domestic and foreign cities, as well as portable Wifi booking services for global travel.

12. Visa: Covering the world, professional and convenient, the success rate is 99.8%, ensuring your travel.

13. Installment loan: "Withdrawal Tour" supports credit loans, with fast approval and repayment after borrowing. "Chengcheng Baitiao" is an installment payment method of "travel first, pay later".

14. Wealth Management Tongcheng: It mainly cooperates with licensed financial institutions and online loan platforms to provide users with various financial products including public funds, brokerage collections, and online loan products.

Introduction to software reviews
This is a travel service software that helps you solve various problems during the trip, including but not limited to various ticket grabbing, popular attraction recommendation, attraction ticket service, etc., allowing you to concentrate on enjoying the happiness brought by travel,


  • Same trip
  • Same trip
  • Same trip
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