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Deep Map Education for Android

Deep Map Education for Android

  • size: 40.60MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 1.0
  • type: Educational
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2019-11-19 15:21:48


Deep Map Education is a learning software specially developed for education. With rich and high-quality learning resources, it is an online teaching platform developed by Zhejiang Shentu Education Technology Co., Ltd., which can effectively help users improve their scores accurately. The learning resources here are very rich and of high quality. A new teaching method is adopted here, come download and experience it!

Software introduction
The Deep Map Education app is a very good learning platform. There are rich and high-quality learning resources on the platform, so that children can feel the joy of learning and improve their learning efficiency. When managing exercises and watching classes such as games, learning can be learned. Beans, keep accumulating achievements, and have full motivation to upgrade and break through. Let children take the initiative to ask for learning. You deserve it. The learning resources here are very rich and high-quality. A new teaching method is adopted here, so that children can enjoy the joy of learning and improve their academic performance easily. If you are interested, please come to this site to download Deep Map Education Take a look at the app, intelligent evaluation mode, you can easily score points in a few simple steps, and the teaching team is professional and strong.

Deep Map Education for Android

Software function

【Don't have to work hard, the more you learn, the more addicted students become】

Practice questions and watch lessons, such as game promotion, learning can get learning beans, constantly accumulating results, and full of motivation to upgrade.

[Farewell to cramming education, personal customization is rapidly improving]

Refuse to look at the class and do the questions in a stereotyped way, the system fits the child's weaknesses, formulates an intelligent and exclusive learning plan, and customizes it personally, so that the learning is more personalized.

【Artificial intelligence technology, help reduce the burden and improve points】

Intelligent diagnosis + intelligent advanced + learning situation analysis + intelligent homework + intelligent preview, comprehensive assessment of deficiencies, in-depth recommendation of dry goods knowledge points, one-click release of personalized homework/preview, online completion, students can easily raise points, teachers can save worry and effort .

【Learning efficiency is super high and your grades improve faster】

All the precious study time is spent on scoring points, no longer low-efficiency brushing questions, specializing in knowledge points that are insufficiently mastered, and using the least time to improve the grades to the greatest extent.

【No need to bother to supervise, progress can be seen in real time】

The system relies on artificial intelligence technology to fully control the learning process of students, and regularly sends learning reports to parents and teachers, so that students' progress is clear at a glance.

Deep Map Education for Android

Software Features

High-quality study aids help achieve accurate and rapid score improvement

Intelligently carry out the diagnosis of learning situation and evaluate the missing knowledge content

Provide users with learning goals to formulate better fit personal learning conditions

Learning assessment exercises Synchronized diagnosis Better review of acquired knowledge

Deep Map Education for Android

Xiaobian comment

Deep image education is used to help students improve their point, and learning efficiency is very high. Every parent can tutor their child. A smart teacher has only six steps, so that children can work quickly, and smart online tutoring, accompany children to learn, and teachers can make their children get good learning results with smart measurement mode, simple steps can be easily carried, The team with the teacher is very professional. Interested partners are welcome to download the software!


  • Deep Map Education for Android
  • Deep Map Education for Android
  • Deep Map Education for Android