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fm whatsapp apk download

fm whatsapp apk download

  • size: 52.6MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 9.30
  • type: Social chat
  • language: English
  • time: 2022-07-27 14:56:45


FM WhatsApp is a new online chat social software, dress simple, simple operation, users on line real name registration, rest assured that social, a large number of high-quality friendship groups, all real people, every day there are millions of high-quality friends real name into the platform, a key intelligent greeting, more interactive and intimate, confide in the heart of the pressure, get rid of loneliness, fun social.

Features of FM Whatsapp:

1.Privacy Features

✿ Anti-View Once – It is a newly added privacy feature that when enabled, you can watch “view once” images/videos unlimited times without any restrictions.

✿ Freeze Last Seen – It is a cool privacy feature of FM WhatsApp that freezes the last seen status. By default in WhatsApp, we can see when the person was last online by opening the chat.

✿ Disable Forwarded – It is also a Privacy feature of FM WhatsApp that eliminates the Forwarded tag from the forwarded post. By enabling this feature in FM WhatsApp, you can remove the tag and your forwarded post will no longer receive the forwarded tag.

✿ Who can call me? – Using this, you can set who can call you. By default, everyone is allowed to call you on WhatsApp. With this option, you change it to My contacts, My contacts except…, Select contacts, Nobody, etc.

✿ Anti-Delete Status – This is another status privacy feature Once it is turned on, no one will be able to delete their WhatsApp status for you. Even if they delete their status update then that will be still there for you to view.

✿ Anti-Delete Message – A cool chat privacy feature that prevents others from deleting a sent message to you. When someone will send you a Message on WhatsApp and if delete it immediately then it won’t get deleted for you. You will be able to read That a lot of FM WhatsApp users are using.

✿ Hide View Status – It is a status privacy feature that allows viewing status updates of others without letting them know that you have viewed them. It is quite interesting and I personally use it on my own FM WhatsApp.

✿ Show Blue Ticks after Reply – When this option is active, your contact will only see blue ticks after you reply to their message.

2.Security Features
✿ WhatsApp Lock – A top-notch security feature of FM WhatsApp that you must use to protect your WhatsApp chat from others. It adds a password lock that requires passing in order to open FM WhatsApp. 
fm whatsapp apk download
Highlights of FM Whatsapp:

1.No international roaming charges: If your friends have this software installed on their Android or Blackberry or IPhone, you can chat with them in other countries and avoid annoying international messaging charges.

2.No ID or username: Why memorize your ID or username in your head? This software works as if you were using the SMS function in your cell phone, which is integrated with the contacts in your phone book.

3.No need to log in or out: No hassle of being forced to log out when you log in from another computer or phone. It is always logged in and connected.

4.No need to add contacts: Contacts in your phonebook are automatically associated with your WhatsApp Messenger contacts. Your contacts will be automatically displayed in your favorites list if you have this software installed.

FM Whatsapp function :

You can exchange information and share your life and pictures with your friends around the world through the app. Video calls and voice calls can be made at any time. It is also possible to post text messages to hundreds of people at one time. Both work and life are greatly facilitated.
FM WhatsApp

FM Whatsapp genuine content:

Reject usernames and passwords: FM Whatsapp works with your phone number and integrates seamlessly with your phone's existing address book.

Always logged in: With FM Whatsapp, you're always logged in, so you never miss a message. No more confusion about whether you're logged in or out.

Quickly connect to your contacts: Your address book is used to quickly and easily connect you to FM Whatsapp contacts, so you don't have to add memorable usernames.

Offline messaging: Even if you miss a notification or turn off your phone, FM Whatsapp saves your most recent messages until the next time you use the app.

How to Install FM WhatsApp On you Phone:

Here are the easy steps to install the latest FM Whatsapp APK v9.27 on an Android phone:

1st Step: 
Open your browser and go to the download section to open the downloaded FM WhatsApp app. Or go to your file manager and then go under the download folder of your particular browser and click on FM WhatsApp you just downloaded.

2nd Step:
Scroll down to the bottom by pressing next in the installer. If you want to read about it like permissions FM WhatsApp asks and stuff like that you can read in the installer as well.
fm whatsapp apk download
3rd Step: 

Hit Install and wait for 2 minutes minimum. The installation time will probably depend on your Android phone performance. If you have the latest hardware and processor then FM WhatsApp may get installed in less than a minute. And if you have a low-end Android phone then it may take more than 2-3 minutes to completely install. So, while the installation is going on, be patient, and please don’t minimize it. Minimizing the FM WhatsApp installation may cause the installation to fail.
fm whatsapp apk download
4th Step: 

Once installation completes, just press done and exit the installer. Most of you get the error when you first-time launch FM WhatsApp because you all directly press the open button after installation is complete. This makes the Android resources go exhausted and the FM WhatsApp crash. So make sure you clear the useless background running applications and services like Android installer and file manager through you opened the FM WhatsApp.
fm whatsapp apk download
5th Step:

Installation complete.

So, that’s how you can install FM WhatsApp on your Android phone easily. There is no complexity if you follow the right installation process of FM WhatsApp. Also, sometimes, you might face the Play Protect blocking issue. In that case, simply turn off the app scanner at Play Store>Play Protect>Settings>Scan apps with Play Protect.
It is recommended that you temporarily disable the security features whenever installing apps downloaded from third-party sites. Also, you can keep FM WhatsApp along with original software on your phone. There should be no conflicts as their directory gets created separately and they also don’t share the same package name.


  • fm whatsapp apk download
  • fm whatsapp apk download
  • fm whatsapp apk download