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Soul app social metauniverse

Soul app social metauniverse

  • size: 105M
  • platform: Android
  • Version: v3.1
  • type: Social chat
  • language: English
  • time: 2022-07-31 14:02:19


Soul app social metauniverse

Soul is a product design based on interest map and gameplay, which belongs to the virtual social network of the new generation of young people. Founded in 2016, soul is committed to creating a "social meta universe for young people", with the ultimate vision of "making the world free of lonely people". In soul, users can express themselves without worry, recognize others, explore the world, exchange interests and views, obtain spiritual resonance and identity, obtain information in communication, and obtain quality new relationships.

Under the social sina tide brought by generation Z, soul shows a real, interesting and warm social appearance, and constantly meets the spiritual pursuit of young people.

Soul app uses the relationship precipitation and retention of unknown users on the platform in the real world as a positive sample, and recommends high-quality new relationships that users may produce through machine learning based on users' social portraits and interest maps. So that every individual who comes to soul can be quickly recommended to some people and places closest to him in high-dimensional space

Let's start communication at a low cost and obtain high-quality relationships.

Usage scenario:

Stress free expression, send it whenever and wherever you want

Super cool! Soul can help you find an interesting soul to communicate with

Watch more interesting content, make interesting friends, and be the most authentic yourself

Whether you are a slash youth, a financial expert, a literary youth or a daily working soul, you can find your own group of people here,

Record and read the wonderful moments of real people with the same frequency~

Come soul! Make soul super real!

Soul app function introduction:

1. Exploration and discovery: in soul's metauniverse

Explore the infinite possibilities of life

Find more interesting, break the boundaries of life, and light up wonderful moments.

2. Voice matching warms you with sound

When you meet a good voice, chat freely, and your friends are right beside you.

3. Video matching

Shh ~ keep it mysterious

Mysterious and interesting! Want a video but don't want to show your face?

Funny ar stickers and video matching protect your privacy.

4. Soul camera

Diverse photo and video tools

Rich editing functions are waiting for you to play, such as mosaic, text, brush

Special effect filter, voice change, expression package

There are also new Emoji expressions and dynamic stickers to meet a variety of emotional expressions.

Let's start video matching and unleash your desire to perform.

5. Private chat messages

Exchange interests and views

Based on the recommendation of interest map, chat interesting things with similar people.

Afraid of embarrassment, the new Emoji expression adds interest to communication.

Like TA? Try sending a gift or guardian avatar frame.

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  • Soul app social metauniverse
  • Soul app social metauniverse
  • Soul app social metauniverse