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Whatsapp crm apk latest release

Whatsapp crm apk latest release

  • size: 63.5M
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 6.5.30
  • type: Social chat
  • language: English
  • time: 2022-08-15 15:34:30


Whatsapp crm apk latest release

Turn WhatsApp into a powerful revenue generating channel. View conversations with prospects as visual pipelines, track business relationships through all stages, and use automation tools like Salesbot to enhance communication.

WHATSAPP CRM is the clearinghouse for all your valuable business conversations. Each potential customer has their own fully functional profile that you can communicate with using your favorite channels: phone calls, text messages, emails, or instant messengers like WhatsApp.

WhatsApp's clean minimalism is designed for casual chats, not valuable sales conversations. Power your WhatsApp sales with WhatsApp CRM - a platform designed to manage all the steps of turning leads into paying customers.

With WhatsApp CRM, you can organize leads in a board-like view, categorize them with tags, send automated follow-ups, and more. Also, once they buy, WhatsApp CRM's customer pipeline provides tools like NPS (Net Promoter Score) to build loyalty and drive repeat purchases.

When using WhatsApp in a team, things can quickly get confusing: separate phone numbers, different devices... it's a headache. That's why Whatsapp lets all team members share one WhatsApp account.

And don't worry about digging up conversations that don't belong to you - in Whatsapp CRM, you'll only be notified about leads assigned to you. However, if you do need help, you can chat with your teammates from within the main card.

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  • Whatsapp crm apk latest release
  • Whatsapp crm apk latest release
  • Whatsapp crm apk latest release