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Daanxi app official version

Daanxi app official version

  • size: 57.8MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: v5.2.4
  • type: Social chat
  • language: Simplified Chinese
  • time: 2021-01-20 01:21:05


Daanxi app official version software introduction

  It provides a very good application of civic life services in Anxi. The Daanxi Android version collects a large amount of life service information, and provides Anxi citizens and friends with more than 70 functions required for daily life, such as broadband service, illegal inquiry, Anxi swimming, shopping, living payment, appointment registration, etc.

Daanxi app official version software description

  The Daanxi app also supports mobile billing, mobile credit, credit card, savings card, Alipay, mobile payment and other services, making various mobile billing and registration payment links more efficient and making everyone’s life more convenient.

Daanxi app official version software features

  1. Video area: The first one to watch in the cinema, the popular dramas are updated quickly, and the whole process is high-definition without advertisements.

      2. Illegal inquiry: The latest illegal information inquiry is accurate, and the annual road and bridge review is convenient to handle.

      3. Traffic violation query, the latest violation information of the Traffic Management Bureau, continuous maintenance and update, to ensure accurate query results.

     4. Water and electricity payment and mobile phone recharge, providing water and electricity payment in Anxi urban area and mobile phone recharge service of Anxi mobile phone number.

Daanxi App official version software highlights

  1. Provide users with good and high-quality services, so that every user can get the best and most comfortable experience in the software.

       2. Broadband discount: Do not go out to do broadband. On the basis of the existing discount, you can enjoy a maximum of 120 yuan in phone bills and 3GB of data.

Daanxi app official version software update

  1. Fixed bugs and optimized some interactive experience

       2. Optimize the stability of the program and make it more smooth

      3. Adjusted some page layouts to make the interface more clean and beautiful

      4. New modules


  • Daanxi app official version
  • Daanxi app official version