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biubiu accelerator apple version

biubiu accelerator apple version

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  • platform: [Android]
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  • type: system safety
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2019-11-13 16:05:31


biubiu accelerator free mobile game accelerator software, currently only supports android platform, provides super popular game acceleration services such as King of Glory, fierce battle, and provides game platform resource downloads, making the game experience faster and refreshing, friends who have related game acceleration needs may wish to try Try it!

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Software details
Biubiu Accelerator is developed by Guangzhou Ninghai Technology Company. It is an app that provides mobile online game acceleration services for free. It solves problems such as inability to log in, frequent freezes, high latency, and dropped calls. It also provides rich first-hand Japanese and Korean mobile game information.

Software Features
[Zero threshold to play high-quality mobile games at home and abroad without membership]

biubiu accelerator, a professional mobile game accelerator, can solve the problems of network freeze, delay, disconnection, slow loading, etc. with one click, improve the stability of the network, completely say goodbye to a series of network problems that affect the game experience, and give you a better game. Travel escort!

【A large number of mobile games can be played instantly】

biubiu accelerator supports PUBG MOBILE, pubg external server, Peace Elite external server, chicken eating Japanese and Korean server, eating chicken international server, eating chicken Asian server, King of Glory, Call of Duty International server, Call of Duty, Final Time Taiwan server, Call of Duty Day Hanbok, Peace Elite, Fortnite, fgo, Shadow Poem, Shadowverse (Japanese/Taiwan), Princess Connection, Lost Dragon Covenant, Victory For, Black Desert, Civilization Restart, Brawl Stars, Seventh Epic Japanese and Korean Dress, Seventh Epic International Server/Asian Server, Standoff 2, Ace Warrior, Running Kart, QQ Speed, PUBG (Asian Server/US Server/Japan and Korea Server), Love Live! School Idol Festival All-Star, My Café, Blade X Multi-region server acceleration for popular games such as Lord, Mario Kart, Endless Ulala International Server, Asphalt 9! Provides one-click network optimization acceleration for thousands of mobile games!

[Multiple zone servers can accelerate without hindrance]

Acceleration nodes covering multiple overseas regional servers, supporting the acceleration of mobile games in overseas regional servers such as international servers, European and American servers, Asian servers, Japanese and Korean servers, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan servers, Southeast Asia servers, and Macao servers, and teaming up with overseas players to enjoy the exclusive experience Hassle-free, ultra-low latency gameplay!

[Special line, extremely fast and stable]

Stable and low latency, smooth without disconnection, massive network acceleration nodes, automatic selection of the best biubiu route, so that you don't need to queue on the acceleration road, and enjoy the "biu~" general game experience! At the same time, it supports super long game acceleration state, lasting Stable and not disconnected! The biubiu mobile game accelerator can solve various network problems encountered by users in the process of playing overseas games! Intelligently select the optimal biubiu line, effectively reduce the network delay, automatically disconnect and reconnect, and prevent the game from freezing! The biubiu accelerator Provide professional international dedicated line support. Guarantee game connections at home and abroad, log in stably and smoothly without disconnection!

【Intelligent acceleration reduces delay】

Wi-Fi/4G network intelligent switching, greatly reducing game delay and disconnection, is an excellent partner for games with high latency requirements, flexible and convenient operation! , Call of Duty and other in-game stability, reduce red delays and freezes, and ensure a green network experience!

[Support multiple models to accelerate]

biubiu mobile game accelerator supports and adapts to all models of iPhone and iPad, and is specially optimized for iPad to ensure a smooth gaming experience on large-screen devices! It enables you to play your favorite games on different devices without being restricted by models!

[iPhone 11/pro Max custom optimization]: Adapt to ios13 dark mode, and make targeted optimization for new models to make your game experience smoother!

【The King Eats Chicken Accelerator】

The biubiu accelerator is optimized for popular chicken and MOBA mobile games, and provides stable network acceleration lines: Call of Duty, Peace Elite, pubg, Wilderness Action, Confrontation 2, Call of Duty: Mobile and other PUBG Mobile/FPS/MOBA mobile games , let you have no worries on the dark road!

[Customized acceleration added locally]: Think our game library is too small, and there is no game you want to accelerate? No no no, we can accelerate more, as long as you submit the game in the "Feedback" in biubiu, no matter how small it is The game must fully meet your acceleration needs!

Software Features
1. Free acceleration - free domestic and foreign mobile game acceleration services;

2. Intelligent acceleration - automatic positioning and matching, real-time change of acceleration nodes;

3. Stable and trustworthy - WiFi/4G network switching will not be dropped, not stuck or delayed;

4. Good-looking and fresh news - the latest and most complete first-hand Japanese and Korean mobile game information.

Software Highlights
1. Applicable to all mobile games, no resolution requirements;

2. Accelerate and decelerate various stand-alone and online games;

3. Optimize the speed of the mobile phone and reduce the lag when playing games;

4. Other useful functions will be added later.

biubiu accelerator mobile game accelerator, here is a quick one-click solution to game cards, delays, and all problems, allowing users to play games at any time without card image quality, its functions are very powerful, you can download it if needed Experience, interested partners are welcome to download and experience on this site~


  • biubiu accelerator apple version
  • biubiu accelerator apple version
  • biubiu accelerator apple version
  • biubiu accelerator apple version